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Starnberg is a beautiful small town in the South of Germany
located 55 km south west of Munich.
Starnberg, just like Kronberg near Frankfurt
is one of the wealthiest places in Germany.

The town lies on the north end of Lake Starnberg.
It is part of the "Regierungsbezirk" Oberbayern
one of the districts of the former Kingdom of Bavaria.

Bavaria is a state of Germany
but it kept some cultural independance from the rest
of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Starnberg is the 17th largest city of Bavaria.
It's partner town in France is Dinard

The magic of Starnberg is a litlle bit connected to Sissi,
Empress of Austria and to her cousin
King Ludwig II of Bavaria

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Sissi / Empress Elisabeth of Austria
born in 1837
spend parts of her childhood
in Possenhofen Castle near Starnberg.

more about Sisi via the Napoléon foundation
The World of the Habsburgs

Books and Souvenirs about Sissi

King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845 - 1886)
cousin of Sissi
died in the Lake of Starnberg

more about Ludwig II via
Haus Bayern

Books and Souvenirs about King Ludwig II

Many artists like Wassly Kandinsky,
Christian Morgenstern,
Edward Cucuel,
Johann Gottfried Steffan.
or Stephany von Fuerstenberg
paint or painted around the lake of Starnberg.

Starnberg is also known for
Kupfermuseum Fischen, Museum Kaiserin Elisabeth
Museum Lake Starnberg

Book Starnberger See by Wolfgang Till

Starnberg Souvenir and Book Shop

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